If they get ya, I got ya!
Hopkins Bail Bonds 757-222-0000 is a Virginia Beach Bail Bonding Company that proudly serves the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton and Newport News City Jails as well as all of the Regional Jails in Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore of Virginia 24 hours a day. Voted Best Virginia Bail Bondsman / Virginia Bonding Company by the Virginian Pilot 2011-2015. Call Bail Bondsman Rodger Hopkins or Agent Bail Bondsman John Weeks now at 757-222-0000.
Local Resources / Attorney Referrals:
Norfolk Sheriff's Office: 757-664-4700                                               
Norfolk Magistrate: 757-664-4961
Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office: 757-385-8563                                
Virginia Beach Magistrate: 757-385-1801
Chesapeake Sheriff's Office: 757-382-2850     
Chesapeake Magistrate: 757-382-6534
Portsmouth Sheriff's Office: 757-391-3199
Portsmouth Magistrate: 757-393-8648
Eastern Shore Regional Jail: 757-678-1362
Eastern Shore Regional Jail Magistrate: 757-678-1364
Western Tidewater Regional Jail: 757-539-2196
Western Tidewater Regional Jail Magistrate: 757-514-4301

Attorney at Law
David A. Cardon (757)306-9060

Attorney at Law
Daniel J. Miller (757)892-5600

Attorney at Law
Eric P. Korslund (757)502-8041

Attorney at Law
Shawn M. Cline (757)224-1777
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         Attorney at Law
       Scott F. Hallauer (757)474-0089